FLORALSON Nutritious Series


To maintain a strong and physical body, one must work out and have a healthy diet. In order to obtain the best result, take daily supplement is a must. To cope with your busy lifestyle, supplement becomes an essential.

Enjoy health, beauty and joy

Unlimited source of energy and healthy body

SLG is a true believer that health management is the most effective way to enhance the body's resistance to disease. We strive to research the highest quality of nutrients management series, fully enhance immune system and allow everyone to enjoy health, beauty and joy. All products series are formulated with the most articulate and backed-up with the highest standards of scientific data. With the newest leading technology, SLG manufactured the most effective and the highest quality of supplements. From procurement to manufacturing to packaging to quality inspection, all aspects are met with international safety standards. This ensures all products provide the unlimited source of energy and a healthy body that we all want.