Simply Life Generation

SLG is a creative and highly probable company. With the management team more than 20 years of rich market experience, exert the industry's leading unique market position. We devote to bring more innovation, discovery and hence promote the Internet innovation profit sharing model. We embrace our members, share the worldwide economic trend, formulate it into autonomous, simple, sumptuous lifestyle- SIMPLY LIFE GENERATION. This is our vision. This is our motivation.

If you are pursuing your life goals, SLG would like to welcome you and look forward to establishing the next milestone together. We provide the most generous reward plan among the industry, unique products, world-leading aesthetic medicine brands and internet innovation profit sharing model. Let’s soar together!

Mege Union warmly welcomes you and looks forward to create the next milestone together.



Thru years of health and personal beauty care market experience and research, SLG has successfully developed world-class aesthetic medicine technology from all over the world, collected the most precious natural dietary resources, personal beauty resources and attentive personalized services. The combination of three sets of simple yet effective series: REAGE facial series, BODIMAX body series and FLORALSON nutritious series. These series allow millions of consumers attain the highest quality, healthiest lifestyle, creating the ultimate SLG youthful experience.


Sharing is an innate characteristics of all mankind. Many people like new and interesting things in life and like to indulge into the pureness in natural food. Life is a passionate and adventurous journey. SLG is exploring indispensable element of factor for people to pursue their joyous dreams. At the same time, share the joyous life style and concept around the world and influence everyone around you. Thru “Happy Share”, merge the concept of “health” and “wealth” together, and create a more abundant and more comprehensive spontaneous lifestyle.


SLG's forward-looking business philosophy is designed to create a global online platform for consumers to "interact with each other", allowing you to earn a steady and stable revenue 24/7. We provide an exceptional yet simple reward program, breaking the traditional network marketing and establish a truly passive income. It finally allows you to experience the vacation lifestyle in Maldives. You can finally enjoy and experience sunshine and beach.


We thrive to help everyone to gain health, beauty, wealth and freedom. Share this vision to everyone and spread the blessing!

Simply Life Generation embraces every member to live a SIMPLY LIFE Generation lifestyle along with the global sharing economy trend. Join us today and proudly become part of the family.